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If a human has the intelligence of a pig or chicken then it is morally …

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I l ove it.

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Robert Frost - Tree at my Window
Tree at my window, window tree, my sash is lowered when night comes on; but let there never be curtain drawn between you and me... But, tree, I have seen you taken and tossed, and if you have seen me when I slept, you have seen me when I was taken and swept and all but lost. That day she put our head together, fate had her imagination about her, your head is so much concerned with outer, mine with inner, weather.

[Pending] A. E. Houseman - Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough, and stands about the woodland ride wearing white for Eastertide. Now, of my threescore years and ten, twenty will not come again, and take from seventy springs a score, it only leaves me fifty more. And since to look at things in bloom fifty springs are little room, about the woodlands I will go to see the cherry hung with snow.

[Pending] Nathaniel Hawthorne - The House of Seven Gables
Half-way down a by-street of one of our New England towns stands a rusty wooden house, with seven acutely peaked gables, facing towards various points of the compass, and a huge, clustered chimney in the midst. The street is Pyncheon street; the house the old Pyncheon house; and an elm-tree, of wide circumference, rooted before the door, is familiar to every town-born child by the title of the Pyncheon elm.

[Pending] Admin04 - My confession to the world
I have a confession to the world, I don't know exactly how to say this but here goes. I prefer membrane keyboards over mechanical keyboards. Their low actuation force and short travel distance, along with quiet use, makes membranes so smooth and fast to use, and not just in the office either... Um, There, I said it!

[Pending] admin04
I have something to admit to the world, I don't know exactly how to say this but here goes. I prefer membrane keyboards over mechanical keyboards. It feels so good to come out.

[Pending] Sarah J Maas - To The Dreamers
To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys." Rhys clinked his glass against mine. "To the stars who listen - and the dreams that are answered.

[Pending] Rudolf - Crypto Trading
It's not that really hard to trade in the Stock Market or Crypto Market, all you have to do is study the basics. From Candles, Support and Resistances, Volume, Chart patterns, Moving Averages, to the different types of supporting indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Stochastic, etc., and of course, the most important of all that differentiates a gambler from a trader: Risk Management! Always set a stop loss and know then to enter and exit a trade. Have fun and trade at your own risk!

[Pending] Admin04
When you first start on your typing adventure it is important to know that speed isn't the most important thing in the world, That title belongs to accuracy. If you slow down your typing and pay special attention to your accuracy, Your speed will automatically increase. Have fun typing!

[Pending] Obscure Sorrows - scabulous
Proud of a certain scar on your body, which is like an autograph signed to you by a world grateful for your continued willingness to play with her, even if it hurts.

[Pending] Obscure Sorrows - kairosclerosis
The moment you look around and realize that you're currently happy - consciously trying to savor the feeling - which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart, and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it's little more than an aftertaste.

[Pending] obscuresorrows - trumspringa
The longing to wander off your career track in pursuit of a simple life - tending a small farm in a forest clearing, keeping a lighthouse on a secluded atoll, or becoming a shepherd in the mountains - which is just the kind of hypnotic diversion that allows your thoughts to make a break for it and wander back to their cubicles in the city.

[Pending] Mickie Parker - In the Air
There have been quakes within the past few weeks; there was 2 just the day before. There were whispers around the office of some people possibly feeling the shaking of the powerful quakes. As I walked over to get a cinnamon bun, vibration... I looked around and everyone knew and was bracing for what was to happen next. My eyes find the window and the office was up in the air... Terror filled my body.., I'm about to die. I close my eyes, pray, and wake up from the nightmare.

[Pending] Rainbow kitten surprise - It's Called Freefall
Called to the Devil and the Devil did come I said to the Devil, "Devil do you like drums? Do you like cigarettes, dominoes, rum?" He said only "sundown, Sundays, Christmas" Some day's end when I need a few friends. Now and again I could never hope to keep them. Thought to give friends what I thought that they wanted. Never had they needed a good friend as I've been.

[Pending] Modest Mouse - World at Large
I like songs about drifters, books about the same. They both seem to make me feel a little less insane. Walked on off to another spot. I still haven't gotten anywhere that I want. Did I want love? Did I need to know? Why does it always feel like I'm caught in an undertow?

[Pending] Thomas Jefferson - Instructions to Captain Meriwhether Lewis, June 20, 1803
The object of your mission is to explore the Missouri River, and such principal streams of it, as by its course and communication with the waters of the Columbia, Oregon, Colorado or any other river, may offer the most direct and practicable water communication across this continent for the purposes of commerce.

[Pending] Charles Darwin - The Brazilian Forest
I do not doubt every traveler must remember the glowing sense of happiness from the simple consciousness of breathing in a foreign clime where the civilized man has seldom or never trod.

[Pending] Mark Twain - Roughing It
Three months of camp life on Lake Tahoe would restore an Egyptian mummy to his pristine vigor, and give him an appetite like an alligator. The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe.

[Pending] Moose - Play the hard mode
Real progress in typing skills does not come unless you play the game in the hard mode. Go for 'Sudden Death' typing where the test fails if you make a single mistake. Slow down if you are constantly not able to complete it. Keep playing 'sudden death' until you consistently pass it more than you fail it. That is when you will see a remarkable increase in your typing speed. This is the fastest way of getting there.

[Pending] -Modest Mouse - Little Motel
Remainders of a shooting star landed directly on our broke down little car. Before then, we had made a wish, that we would be missed. If one or another just did not exist. 'Cause that's what we're waiting for, that's what we're waiting for, that's what we're waiting on, aren't we?

[Pending] Modest Mouse - Little Motel-
I hope that you like it in your little motel. And I hope that the suite sleeps and suits you well. Well, I can see it as time and a sight through smell and that's why it's nice to be by yourself. 'Cause that's what I'm waiting for. That's what I'm waiting for. That's what I'm waiting for, aren't I? That's what I'm waiting for, that's what I'm waiting for. That's what I'm waiting for, darlin'.