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How can one say "Live, laugh, and love" then immediately follow with "Be different"? That …

bruisedhedonist, periods are supposed to be in quotations.

"our" not "are". stay in school.

Think like an entitled child that wants to stay at home in bed with their …

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Frank Herbert - Dune Messiah - Farok
We came out of a mountain pass where the air was sick with water. I could scarcely breathe it. And there below me was the thing my friends had told me about : water as far as I could see and farther. We marched down to it. I waded out into it and drank. It was bitter and made me ill. But the wonder of it has never left me.

Martha Simpson of Glastonbury, Conn - 1985 Lytton Fiction Contest Winner
The countdown stalled at T-minus 69 seconds when Desiree, the first female ape to go up in space, winked at me slyly and pouted her thick, rubbery lips unmistakably - the first of many such advances during what would prove to be the longest, and most memorable, space voyage of my career.

Bram Stoker - Dracula -- Jonathan Harker's Journal
To one thing I have made up my mind. If we find out that Mina must be a vampire in the end, then she shall not go into that unknown and terrible land alone. I suppose it is thus that in old times one vampire meant many. Just as their hideous bodies could only rest in sacred earth, so the holiest love was the recruiting sergeant for their ghastly ranks.

Thomas Mann - Death in Venice
An offensive sultriness lay over the streets. The air was so heavy that the smells pouring out of homes, stores, and eating houses became mixed with oil, vapors, clouds of perfume, and still other odors-and these would not blow away, but hung in layers. Cigarette smoke remained suspended, disappearing very slowly.

Awdhesh Singh - Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth
The 'eye for eye' policy satisfies the logical mind but this policy is also equally impracticable. you may follow this policy against a person who is weaker than you. However, if the person is more powerful than you- like your boss, parents, government, the police-it would be disastrous to follow this policy as it may lead to your total ruin.

zeezogo - homeschool to highschool
I never thought I would be able to experience high school especially because I was homeschooled for many years. Another thing I didn't expect is that I would be passing all of my classes; I thought I would be a student who barely passes their classes. But no, I'm passing with A's and B's and maybe a C depending if I missed a few days and never made up the work.

Anonymous - Ponzi Scheme of life
Everyone talks their book, and everyone searches for the answers they want. There can be no lies in this system, because the desired answer is unquestionable, and the undesired answer requires further investigation. And so the Ponzi Scheme of life goes on, as we pass our desired answers down to the next generation of suckers.

Solid Snake
A strong man doesn't need to read the future. He makes his own. Find something to believe in, and find it for yourself. When you do, pass it on to the future.

Kacey Musgraves - Things I Would Miss From The Other Side
Dinner with friends in cities where none of us live. The face that somebody makes when you give them a gift. Every once in a while when I wake up early without trying and catch a sunrise.

Alexandra Bracken - The Darkest Legacy
The scars of what had happened were still there, not glued together to try to minimize the appearance of them, but glowing with thin rivulets of gold - more beautiful for having once been broken.

Kim Namjoon - Wild Flower
Idling repeats, memories turning vicious. Lying in a field, I set my sights onto the skies. Now I can't remember what I wanted so badly. I trusted I was happy, now a mere memory. Yeah, I've been goin', no matter what's in front. No matter what it may be. Memories of holding onto dawn's edge and spitting things out. Society's all for the loudest voice, and here I am, still speaking silence. It's an aside, a boat in full bloom, to face all the prejudice and misunderstandings.

Rumaan Alam - Children - Leave the World Behind
They had asked themselves questions when they decided to have children-do we have the money, do we have the space, do we have what it takes-but they didn't ask what the world would be when their children grew.

Anonymous - I Wished He Cheated
The other day, I was sitting on my bed. I was thinking, intensely about my recent breakup. Trying to find every single reason why he would do that, even after him explaining. His reasoning made sense, I guess that made it hurt more. I wished he had cheated, because I wanted a reason to hate him. I wanted a reason to be mad at him for breaking up with me. But he didn't, he didn't cheat, he told me the truth. I just have to learn to accept what it is.

Mihael Radjail - Try to achieve something greater
You don't need to be famous. You don't need to be rich. You just need to help at least one person in your life, even if it is you, yourself. No one says it's going to be easy because it's definitely hard. But you can try until you can't.

Some philosopher - Who am I?
I am not who you think I am. I am not who I think I am. I am who I think you think I am. And this part is typed because I have to make it longer to submit.

Tomorrow X Together - Anti-Romantic (English translation)
Sorry I'm an anti-romantic. I want to run away, far away. My heart is already chasing after you, and burning with small embers. Sorry I'm an anti-romantic. I don't believe, anymore, in being romantic. As my entire heart burns, I'm afraid that only black ashes will remain.

My Psych Class - Genie
There is a critical period for children to develop language. Although people can still learn a language after this period, they will never master it. Genie was a child who's mother was blind and father a schizophrenic. She was locked in a closet until she was thirteen, and had no language knowledge. Once she was rescued she was taught English, but it was similar to an adult learning their second language. Even after extensive training she will never speak with ease.

Anonymous - Random Thoughts
Sometimes, I just want to scream my lungs out! Why? Well, because nothing is working out as it's supposed to. I feel everything with so much intensity that it actually hurts sometimes. No, it has nothing to do with people; I'm just stupid like that and I let everything affect me, while it's not even affecting anyone or anything around me. Sometimes, I just want to scream so loud that YOU hear me!

topskies - Pins and Needles
When typing, I sometimes find myself in awkward positions for some time. For example, I was sitting on my foot for quite a while and when I got up, I got the dreaded case of pins and needles. Make sure to have good posture when typing.

Jack Johnson - Upside Down
But in some ways, they remain the same. And as my mind being to spread its wings, there's no stopping curiosity. I wanna turn this whole thing upside down. I'll find the things they say just can't be found. I'll share this love with everyone, we'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs. I don't want this feeling to go away.