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Tony Robbins
This doesn't make sense, and is probably misquoted. It should read "if it's the FORMER, …

Charles Darwin
ah, yes, the most famous of Darwin quotes

A Rat
one word: octopi

Foust, Andrew
the way the last sentence is just so easy to type because it's just an …

No one
shoutout to the guy below me who's number 2 on the leaderboard now lmao... but …



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Ashez - Click Start to Begin
Click Start to begin. Or use the space bar to start. Start this quote. START. Click Start to begin. Or use the space bar to start. Start this quote. START. Click Start to begin. Or use the space bar to start. Start this quote. START. Click Start to begin. Or use the space bar to start. Start this quote. START.

Louis Tomlinson - One Direction
I love "What Makes You Beautiful", "One Thing", "More Than This", "Gotta Be You", "Steal My Heart", and "Moments", but most of all, I love Louis Tomlinson! He is so hot and cute and a mixture of hot, cute, epicness, awesomeness, and love! I love One Direction's music, voices, and their members(not Zayn though), especially Louis! I am a total 1D fan! Go Team One Direction!

Maggie O'Farrell
A sobering report by Taylor Mulcahey of IJNet talked about some of the changes that have taken place within journalism since the spread of the pandemic. She wrote, "Whether it's burnout from working extra hours, layoffs at a local news publication, or misinformation spreading in WhatsApp groups, the health crisis has placed extra pressure on an industry already facing an uncertain future."

Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture
It's too many mothers that's grieving they killing us for no reason been going on for too long to get even throw us in cages like dogs and hyenas I went to court and they sent me to prison my mama was crushed when they said I can't leave first I was drunk, then I sobered up quick When I heard all that time that they gave to Taleeb he got a life sentence plus.

Anonymous - Spirit in The Tree Prayer - Mungaial
Let us pray to our heavenly Father, God Almighty. Let us hope he shall protect us in the clashing torrents of the worlds intertwining rivers, Lord Forgive us for we broke code. Lord forgives us for we broke through your gates, without your permission. Forgive me Lord for I have sinned and spoken your name in vain! Please allow my faith in your plan to harbor darkness and light, please let it bring clouds for the chaos, and light, for the light.

Evan Spiliotopoulos, Ryan J. Condal & Steve Moore - Hercules - Amphiaraus and Hercules
Amphiaraus: No matter how far you go, man cannot escape his fate. Who are you? Are you a murderer? Are you a mercenary who turns his back on the innocent? We believe in you! We have faith in you! Remember the deeds you have performed, the labours you have overcome! Are you only the legend, or are you truth behind the legend? Now, tell me, WHO ARE YOU? Hercules: I AM HERCULES!

drake - Mixtape 2058
buy mix tape freezing fire coming out February 13th 2058. School edition limited edition and premium edition. Including. Chief beef milk mill and Nathan aka the city of rice .

zaraq baloch - social work
The social work is the work which have to done by every people in the society to fulfill the poor dreams which have don't water to drink and food to eat. - The Model 01
The Model 01 is the best keyboard we can make. It's not like other keyboards. We mill the Model 01's enclosure from two blocks of solid maple that are a joy to rest your hands on. Instead of shallow, uncomfortable keyswitches, we use gloriously tactile mechanical keyswitches similar to those found in the original Apple II. We've custom-sculpted each of the 64 individual keycaps on the Model 01 to gently guide your fingers to the right keys.

Meredith Grey - Looking at me
You are looking at me, and you watch me. I know Finn has plans. I like Finn. He's perfect for me, and I'm really trying here to be happy. I feel like I can't breathe. I can't breathe with you looking at me like that, so just stop!

IAED protocol - EMD Laws -2
EMD's First Law of Safety Don't create more victims at the scene. EMD's Second Law of Safety Don't get it on you or even touch it. EMD's Third Law of Safety One patient down, trouble around? Two patients down, coincidence found? Three patients down, danger abounds!

Human Traffic (1999) - The weekend has landed.
I've got 48 hours off from the world, man. I'm gonna blow steam out my head like a screaming kettle, I'm gonna talk cod s**t to strangers all night, I'm gonna lose the plot on the dancefloor. The free radicals inside me are freakin', man! Tonight I'm Jip Travolta, I'm Peter Popper, I'm going to never-never land with my chosen family, man. We're gonna get more spaced out than Neil Armstrong ever did, anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life.

S0l4c3 - Domain Name Service - Recursion
The great DNS recursion process. The client will first check the cache, if it is unable to find its resolution there, it will send the query to its primary DNS server. The DNS server will then check its cache and zone records. If it is unable to resolve the client's query there it will pursue attempts at conditional forwarding, then Stub Zones. If the primary DNS server is still unable to resolve the request, it will utilize root hints and delegation to provide FQDN resolution.

ed. D. J. Simkin - Tong - in 'A Guide to some Staffordshire Churches'
The charming and attractive village of Tong stands in the midst of undulating country. The Church of St Bartholomew is well-known for its great wealth of late mediaeval treasures, and it is no doubt a most outstanding building. The main fabric of the church dates from the early years of the the 15th century, having been founded by Lady Elizabeth de Pembrugge in the year 1430 in memory of her husband Sir Fulke de Pembrugge, having previously founded a charity college adjoining the church.

When you are walking, you are looking at where you are stepping on, not where you will step on because then only you will count your steps along the way.

Unknown - Terraria Calamity- Calamitas' Last Message
Just stop! Even if you defeat me you still have my lord to contend with! He has never lost a battle! Not even I could defeat him! What hope do you have!? Perhaps one of these times I'll change my mind...

Chadius Thunderousbrain - The SIng Sang Big Bang Bong Beng Deng
The Chocolate cookie the sing song exercise the big bang bong beng deng the sing song ming bing zing ching ping qing wing eing ring ting ying uing iing oing ping aing sing ding fing ging hing jing king ling zing xing cing ving bing ming usa asu american commie zelda minecraft bango piano extra milk strawberry milk strawberry salt critical iboss terra nibb 125 7 movies 6 movies 5 movies 3 movie s1 mies.

Kittiphat Nutchanart - Happy tragedy
Today was the day this guy had been waiting for. He was ready to propose to his girlfriend. He asked his girlfriend out that night and plan to propose her at a dinner table. It was 8 pm and he was nervous, so he went to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom floor was wet. He slipped on the wet floor to death. As soon as the girlfriend knew she rushed to her dead boyfriend. She slipped and died beside her boyfriend. They both went to heaven and lived happily ever after.

Someone - Lovelyness
Everything is so lovely I wish I could jump up and hug the clouds. I wonder if I was a fairy, if i could stand on those clouds? Oh well... It will never happen so I may as well give up. But you should never ever give up on your dreams. If you have a dream follow it... It may take you up to the clouds!

Magic Brian - Griffin McElroy - A Long Death - The Adventure Zone
Oh nooo! The mystery is solved! You've solved my final riddle, you are ze new riddle master... Congratulations, you have proven yourselves quite the adventurers... oh, I've landed on Bryan. Ahhh, Bryan, I'm so proud of zem... I'm going to die now.