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The Wachowski Sisters
I've always wondered, which life did Agent Smith mean when he said one of them …

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Who told you Antarctica is restricted airspace, or even guarded at all by the military? …

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A kid whose name was Tarry went to school and people started talking about how …

No sentence is supposed to start with the word "And." Can you see how that …



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[Pending] Mihael Radjail - Hannah Joyce
Sometimes, I may be confused about who you are to me. And I can only explain it like this: You are always in superposition. Because, unless observed, you're both in my heart and in my mind.

[Pending] lucyr - Cigarettes out the Window - TV Girl
My girl Liddy used to always smoke cigarettes when she couldn't sleep. I wonder what she did when she got done, I guess she'd just flick them out in the street. Poor little Liddy, she wishes it was dark, but it's never really dark in LA. The light from the billboard always shines but it changed twelve times since you went away.

[Pending] Myself - How random is random?
This is a quote. A random quote strung out of thin air by my imagination. Even as I type this, I have no notion of what the letter, let alone word will be. All that matters is that the next bit of sentence gels with one before. Thankfully we are now at the end of the quote.

[Pending] motswolo - The Cadence of Part Time Poets
He'll read ya like a book, that one." Tonya smirked. "I think I'd like to be read. Bet if you're a good enough story someone'll remember you. They might even fall in love, just a little bit.

[Pending] black midi - The Race Is About To Begin
The race was ran Someone lost, someone won I came and I stayed and the same ever since Outside The freaks of the wilderness, open in spring The time before time was the time to sing Unidentified song surging through the brush Transcription futile, let alone the rush You miss when hunched and scribbling notes Here no journalism is ever in vogue Despite the attempts of doctors and saints None have recorded its heavenly grace But I stayed, and stayed, and stayed That race was ran thirty years back.

[Pending] lucyr - Right Down The Line - Gary Rafferty
You know I need your love, you've got that hold over me. Long as I got your love you know that I'll never leave. When I wanted you to share my life, I had no doubt in my mind. And it's been you, woman, right down the line. I know how much I lean on you, only you can see. The changes that I've been through, have left a mark on me. You've been as constant as the Northern Star, the brightest light that shines. It's been you, woman, right down the line.

[Pending] The Crossblade - Bicyclist saves time
By shaving my legs I save 2 minutes on my daily commute," said the bicyclist with a big grin on his face. The coworker looked strangely at him and asked: "But how much time do you spent shaving?

[Pending] Robert Louis Stevenson - Jekyll and Hyde, Chapter 1 - The Story of the Door
I had taken a loathing to my gentleman at first sight. So had the child's family, which was only natural. But it was the doctor's case was what struck me. He was the usual cut-and-dry apothecary, of no particular age and colour, with a strong Edinburgh accent, and about as emotional as a bagpipe. Well, sir, he was like the rest of us; every time he looked at my prisoner, I saw that Sawbones turn sick and white with the desire to kill him.

[Pending] Miracle Musical - Dream Sweet in Sea Major
Alone at the edge of a universe humming a tune, for merely dreaming we were snow. A siren sounds like the goddess who promises endless apologies of paradise... And only she can make it right, so things are different tonight. We'll go together in flight. It's now and never, a reverie endeavor. Awaits somnambulant directives to take the helm. Believe me, darling, the stars were made for falling like melting obelisks as tall as another realm.

Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song
Do you remember what I said when I got down on my knees? Gotta get your lovin', baby, loving's all I need. Don't make me beg now, baby, don't make me bleed. I gave you all a man could give, and you still walked out on me!

Michael Moorcock - Elric's Three Lies
And now, Elric had told three lies. The first concerned his cousin Yyrkoon. The second concerned the Black Sword. The third concerned Cymoril. And upon those three lies was Elric's destiny to be built, for it is only about things which concern us most profoundly that we lie clearly and with profound conviction.

Buzzing_Bees - Random things that come into my mind
I am in class right now, it's really boring since we are just reading something on our Chromebooks. ANYWAYS, I am so ready for this weekend. I wonder what I am going to do at home... Possibly watch a TV show, but which one...

Anonymous - Just another story
A man gleefully sprints along the sidewalk. However, his run was halted by the sound of a sudden crash into a piece of metal. As he fell, he reminisced about the chronological order of his life, only for that thought to abruptly end when his head slammed into the ground. The man got up, and ran away in post-haste. "What doth occur to produce such a sound?" asked one spectator. Another spectator examined the dented metal near their heads. The spectator said in response: "A man walked into a bar."

Dean Winchester - Dean Winchester
C'mon, we hunt monsters! What the hell? I mean, normal people, they see a monster they run. But not us, no no no, we... we search out things that want to kill us! Yeah, huh? Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people!

When I tell someone I like a character, they often think that means I like them romantically, but no, I don't. When I say I like a character, I mean that I like them because of how they act, or behave, or by who they are. I like the character's character.

WRENCH! - Pouring gasoline on a gasoline fire as gasoline is being poured on it.
"'This quote is short so that you can take a break from all the longer quotes.' These kinds of quotes suck and are unoriginal and decrease my typing speed because I suck." These kinds of quotes are unoriginal. There are already many quotes talking about how those kinds of quotes are unoriginal. Just make something of value for the love of god.

Cayce Dy
Focusing on your goal requires clear definition, prioritization, and commitment. Start by specifying your goal and breaking it into manageable steps with measurable progress markers. Allocate time, eliminate distractions, and manage your schedule effectively. Maintain motivation by reminding yourself of the benefits and staying committed, even in the face of setbacks.

Motionless in White - Immaculate Misconception
All I want is to reach someone. To say something that could change their life forever. To let them know they're not alone. So many people want to see me fail. So clever, but I'll spit in your face. I'll make sure you remember me.

me (noxida) - Be Yourself
People set expectations for themselves that they force themselves to follow. They force themselves to follow others like a pack of sheep. Being popular is not a requirement, but being intelligent is something that is valued, and intelligence makes you your own leader, if you think of yourself as the leader, you will be yourself, and being yourself will bring your own joy and value. Life wasn't created to live up to expectations. Life was made so you can have your own story, be you, and live you.

Imagine Dragons - Lighting Before the Thunder
Just a young man, with a quick fuse. I was uptight, wanna let loose. I was dreaming of bigger things and wanna leave my own life behind. Not a "yes sir," not a follower. Fit the box, fit the mold, have a seat in the foyer, take a number. I was lightning before the thunder.