I meant it when I said "Forever." - Unknown.

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One day I'll get married to someone that is not you. I'll have it all planned out; the place, the music, the vows. I'll stand at the altar I always pictured us in front of and listen to a song that is not ours. I'll spew empty guarantees, "until death do us part," and cross my fingers behind my back. I'll pretend I never promised you forever at 14 and tell them they are what has been missing. I'll look into their blue eyes and try so hard not to morph them into brown.

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maliheim 8 mois, 2 semaines avant
What an absolutely evil quote.
By an absolutely evil person.
Doing absolutely evil things.

Truly. If someone does this they are scum, and do not deserve to be loved. They will be loved all the same though. Luckily for them not everyone is as despicable as they are.
tang 9 mois avant
Blue eyes deserves better ;(

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