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user401321 4 semaines avant
Woww pretty pro. I have the same 60 second pb and a 211 for 15 secs there.
venerated 1 mois avant
60 second PB has rested at 184 for a long time. 30s at mid 190s, and 15s at very low 200s. I forgot the exact numbers; it's been a while
user401321 1 mois avant
Just curious as to what your speeds are! You remember them pbs?
venerated 1 mois avant
I always use monkeytype logged out
user401321 1 mois avant
Since you suggested Monkeytype, just curious! What's your monkeytype acc/user?
kheng 1 mois, 2 semaines avant
Wow, can't believe I got your reply! Thank you for your thoughtful response. Never really thought of the top 25K corpus and stuff like that. Appreciate your response! Finally, I know what to do to improve my speed further!
venerated 1 mois, 3 semaines avant
not sure if it'd be better to reply to you on your profile or here, but I hope you end up seeing this message.

in my journey through typing I got over my bottlenecks by doing the following two things:

1: sacrificing everything for speed:
this website doesn't really allow it because it forces you to stop when you make a mistake, but you can get the same stimulus by making a custom typing test on Monkeytype such so that it has harder words in it. I recommend grinding the top 25K corpus

2: try to consciously push yourself as much as possible in every practice session:
this is mainly done through psychological self-conditioning, and the mark of it is dreading your next session, because it goes from mind-numbing repetition to active practice that is decently challenging

that's all. gl
kheng 1 mois, 3 semaines avant
Seriously how get such high WPM, I am at my bottleneck of 90 - 110 WPM, not sure what to do to get over the bottleneck, Any advice?
guest._. 1 année, 10 mois avant
I can't believe this Site does this (I've finished it with 177 wpm). Now I'm highly disappointed and my day is ruined.
user248197 2 années avant
Man, I know how that 169.13 would eat at me (for a goal of 170 no less). Keep it up!

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