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Does anyone have a recurring dream they'd like to share? Like, a dream you've had many, many times throughout your life - even if you're not sure what it even means. Let's talk about them!

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hrob11513 6 mois avant
I don't remember my dreams much. There are two nightmares that repeat about every 5 months that I remember perfectly. It is really weird to go for months with nothing during the night, then suddenly you are faced with a high budget horror film in your head on a random Tuesday night.
babyturtle 6 mois, 1 semaine avant
I adore this website so much and my recent discovery of the forums and quotes sections are adding to it. This is such a neat topic to discuss! I used to have re-occuring dreams all the time as a kid. My dreams were always in my house, where it'd seem like it was right before bed, and when I would finally fall asleep in my dream would be when I would wake up in reality, it was like de-ja-vu. Some dreams would be scary and nightmarish. Occasionally it would be dark in the room I'd be going to sleep in except for two red eyes in the corner, which would make me rush to the bed. Other times there were two outlined figures would be standing there in the doorway while I already in bed(in my dream), trying to sleep. What could that mean? Maybe I should look up some dream analysis forums.

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