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Watching others succeed and be able to do things so well makes me look down upon the little talent I have and not feel happy with that. We will always look up at others and wish we could have what they have. Don't envy others and be satisfied with what you have. You never know if one day you might be better than them in everything else or get what they have too.

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marchtoglory 9 mois, 4 semaines avant
I don't care about talent. This is my third time typing this quote. My first time: 93.91 WPM. My second time: 105.78 WPM. My third time: 118.29 WPM. I got on this site like 3 years ago, and at the time I was convinced my natural limit was at 90-ish WPM. I was PROUD of 90. I improved steadily over the years simply by spending more time on the site, and with time alone now those are my worst tests. At random points I would put much more effort into typing and spend more hours on the site, and eventually my WPM would shoot up, and even in the long term I would retain at least 30% of those speeds. I randomly got on one day and hit 150+ WPM on accident while logged out. I know I sound like an annoying dumbass but this is coming from someone who has never really had any real "talent", in the sense it seems to be understood, as some kind of gift that puts you above everyone else.
slowtyper237 3 années, 3 mois avant
sometimes I like to think I am alone in the universe, and then I feel happy
tbwp 3 années, 11 mois avant
Are you familiar with the saying "The grass is greener is where you water it"? Instead of looking at their accomplishment, try to divert all that energy on improving your self.
Also, there is no need to compare yourself or be better than others. The only thing we need to accomplish is to be a better person than we are yesterday.

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