Karen Traviss

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The thing about games is, players often say they don't care about story, but then if you took the story out, what would their reaction be? If no one cared about story, we'd all still be playing Pac-Man. There's nothing wrong with Pac-Man, but the point is, there's a genre of games in which you want to become part of that world.

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sstruck007 1 année, 8 mois avant
I totally agree, those players who don't care about the story are those who fail several times, and keep going back to the last save point. LoL
_user_ 2 années, 10 mois avant
nooo...u got me...
user693431 3 années, 2 mois avant
who says Pac-Man has no story?
user536094 3 années, 5 mois avant
Then why are people only playing multiplayer games if people cared about story

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