Starting Over - Bennett Foddy - Getting Over It

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There's no feeling more intense than starting over. If you've deleted your homework the day before it was due, as I have. Or if you left your wallet at home and had to go back, after spending an hour in the commute. If you won some money at the casino, and then put all your winnings on red, but it came up black. If you got your best shirt dry-cleaned before a wedding, and then immediately dropped food on it. Starting over is harder than starting up.

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jjp 1 année, 10 mois avant
Words of wisdom from Wesley Snipes when it comes to Roulet, "always bet on black!"
weesin 4 années, 9 mois avant
Sorry. 'That' not 'that's'
weesin 4 années, 9 mois avant
You have typed 'that's instead of 'than' in the last sentence

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