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teil0 9 années, 6 mois avant
The linear switches are great for gaming, I hear, but I do very little gaming these days. It's all about typing for me.
teil0 9 années, 6 mois avant
I was originally a clicky guy, and I still like clicky switches, but at this point I prefer the MX Clears. They have a bit more actuation force, which I prefer, and are tactile. They are also significantly quieter than my my next favorite switch: The buckling spring switch in the IBM Model M / Unicomp Ultra Classic. I will say it's close to a draw between the buckling spring and the MX Blues. In my laptop bag, I have a compact Alps-based board, which doesn't so much click as clatter. I don't care for linears at all (MX Reds and Blacks).
tokranepo 9 années, 6 mois avant
What are your favorite switches in mechanical keyboards? Also, what are the reasons?
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I created this account to practice using the Karantsev fingering technique.

I am learning QWERTY using this alternate fingering, after having mastered Dvorak, and later Colemak.

I use a variety of mechanical keyboards. I am currently using a WASD CODE Keyboard with Cherry MX Clear switches.

Others I own: Unicomp Ultra Classic, Matias Mini Tactile Pro (the older Alps-based model), Topre Type Heaven, Das Keyboard Gen 1, Razer Black Widow Ultimate v1, and a Thermaltake Poseidon Z (which uses Kailh switches rather than Cherry).

I would still love to try boards with Cherry MX Greens and the Razer Kailh Greens.
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