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jogri 11 mois, 2 semaines avant
2023-07-14_ Still looking a little sloppy after some irregular practice. Though I am still proud of my development in typing after all this time, if this is to be my new standard. A sustainable 20WPM increase over where I started, and much better typing fundamentals too.

Recent speed = 82.05
Recent accuracy = 95.52%
jogri 1 année avant
2023-06-23_ So I've done very little typing practice for the last month. My scores have tanked a bit. But that's ok. I can get it back up again.

Recent speed = 77.48
Recent accuracy = 95.32%
jogri 1 année, 1 mois avant
2023-05-25_ Weird day, posting scores of consistent 90+, but then also gross scores where I f*** up a fair bit. I really would like to see my accuracy bump up a bit though.

Recent speed = 90.16
Recent accuracy = 96.77%
jogri 1 année, 1 mois avant
2023-05-17_ Had a good quick 5 min session today, bumped up my scores a bit so I thought I'd record them before they dip again haha.

Interestingly, my speed is consistently above 80 now, and if I focus on accuracy, I can keep that pretty high too. So my long term goal from before is quite manageable now. Perhaps I should focus on those Monkeytype goals?

Recent speed = 89.37
Recent accuracy = 98.08%
jogri 1 année, 1 mois avant
2023-05-11_ My accuracy is tanking a little bit, but average recent speed is looking good, I think it even got as high as 88 before. I guess I should make an effort to focus on accuracy again.

Recent speed = 85.28
Recent accuracy = 95.46%
jogri 1 année, 1 mois avant
2023-05-05_ Just updated my mechanical keyboard by lubing all of my coffee chip tactile switches and swapping their springs for double stages like in the neapolitans. Damn do they sound good and feel good. Like thocking thick acrylic nails against marble. Highly recommend.

Recent speed = 85.02
Recent accuracy = 97.31%
jogri 1 année, 2 mois avant
2023-04-27_ Just another update after trying to be more consistent the past few weeks on drilling a little bit of typing when I can.

Recent speed = 80.31
Recent accuracy = 94.81%
jogri 1 année, 2 mois avant
2023-04-07_ Well damn, I am on fire this morning, after about 10 solid tests this is what I'm looking at:

Recent speed = 90.21
Recent accuracy = 97.80%
jogri 1 année, 2 mois avant
2023-04-06_ Getting my speed up, and my accuracy is feeling better too. Certain quotes definitely tank both though. Numbers, hyphens, brackets and quotations especially.

Recent speed = 81.56
Recent accuracy = 97.20%
jogri 1 année, 2 mois avant
2023-04-05_ So I am back on the wagon again now. Practicing regularly, and feeling more confident again. Noticing more regular quotes in the 90+ range. And hovering around the 90-100 wpm mark on typetest when I'm feeling good.

Recent speed = 78.55
Recent accuracy = 97.40%

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The trend line on my graph tells a story.

I started with bad habits (right index spacebar) and got pretty fast. From 50 > 70 WPM with heights of 100wpm on other 1 min tests.

Then I recalibrated my striking pattern to use my left thumb on spacebar and that was the first dip. I got back to nearly 70 wpm average.

The next dip was when I recalibrated again, to have a right thumb spacebar, and overall update my striking pattern to be true to the home row method. And overcome bad habits from index spacebar striking days (like using right middle for U).

Now I have good typing form at ~70 wpm average, and I'm hoping to reach a consistent 80+ wpm with accuracy >97.5% here.

Side goals on Monkeytype are:
1) 80wpm - english 5k 100 words
2) 100wpm - english 60 seconds
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