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jogri 14 heures, 51 minutes avant
2022-12-04_ Ooph, feel like I'm hitting that plateau again. And it's a little more painful because I feel like I've fallen a little backwards compared to my recent high peaks. But I knew they were always going to be a relative outlier until my baseline improved somewhat. And that baseline is looking shit right now.

Recent speed = 72.12
Recent accuracy = 94.19%
jogri 1 semaine, 4 jours avant
2022-11-24_ Last week's hard work on numbers and this morning on accuracy has paid off. Today my fingers were possessed and I got not only a new high score, 97.46 (on a long Vonnegut quote); but also achieved my goal in the sidebar, 80+ WPM with >97.50% accuracy. Once I hit those Monkeytype sidegoals I'll have to set new ones. Perhaps 100WPM at >97.50%?

Recent speed = 86.05
Recent accuracy = 97.76%
jogri 2 semaines, 2 jours avant
2022-11-18_ Working hard this week on improving my touch typing of numbers. I find that focus also works well to warm up my fingers so I have been drilling more speed and accuracy too. We'll get to those goals SOON!

I also reached a new PB on this website too. 97.33 - and for a long ass quote, too.

Recent speed = 78.85
Recent accuracy = 97.20%
jogri 3 semaines, 3 jours avant
2022-11-10_ I feel like I am hitting a little bit of a plateau at the moment, but that's ok. If I keep at it I will break through. It's a little frustrating though because in my last entry I felt SO close to hitting my current goal of 80+ WPM with accuracy > 97.50%

Recent speed = 70.64
Recent accuracy = 94.16%
schlip_ 1 mois avant
Hey! I admire that what you've been doing by keep a log. I think keep a it's a great way to reflect and stay disciplined. May ask how old you are? This is good stuff!
jogri 1 mois avant
2022-11-02_ Hmm, that's interesting to see that my recent average speed is higher than ever before, and at my target speed. Now I just need to get my accuracy to catch up. And that's the bit that makes sense. Just slow down, and focus on each word. And we'll hit 97.5% in no time.

Recent speed = 80.10
Recent accuracy = 96.65%
jogri 1 mois, 1 semaine avant
2022-10-26_ Found some decent flow today. But could still be better. More accurate would be awesome.

Recent speed = 74.32
Recent accuracy = 96.71%
jogri 1 mois, 2 semaines avant
2022-10-22_ Just another update, I've tried to pull back my practice a little because otherwise I tend to just type for hours on end rather than get anything useful done. So now I have timers set on most of these sites so I don't spend more than 15 mins on each a day. Getting better at typing is nice, but not so important that I neglect my other responsibilities.

Recent speed = 71.60
Recent accuracy = 96.72%
jogri 1 mois, 3 semaines avant
2022-10-12_ I also realise that I've caught up to my old average speed before I changed my form. Which is awesome news. Now on to the next goal. To maintain an Average speed on this website of 80 WPM with an Average accuracy above 97.50%. Or the side quest of nailing a 100word - English 5k test at 80WPM.
jogri 1 mois, 3 semaines avant
2022-10-12_ I spent 20 mins on problem words focusing intently on my accuracy. To get my tally below 5 problem words. I think that is probably the most effective way to get me to slow down. And thus after doing 10-15 tests here. My accuracy has jumped again. Let's try and keep it there a while.

Recent speed = 68.08
Recent accuracy = 97.78%

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The trend line on my graph tells a story.

I started with bad habits (right index spacebar) and got pretty fast. From 50 > 70 WPM with heights of 100wpm on other 1 min tests.

Then I recalibrated my striking pattern to use my left thumb on spacebar and that was the first dip. I got back to nearly 70 wpm average.

The next dip was when I recalibrated again, to have a right thumb spacebar, and overall update my striking pattern to be true to the home row method. And overcome bad habits from index spacebar striking days (like using right middle for U).

Now I have good typing form at ~70 wpm average, and I'm hoping to reach a consistent 80+ wpm with accuracy >97.5% here.

Side goals on Monkeytype are:
1) 80wpm - english 5k 100 words
2) 100wpm - english 60 seconds
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