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iloveme 1 mois avant
HEYYYYY back again with another update for my cutesy little fans.. my life has been going by soooo fast like my senior year is almost over and I'm gonna be an adult soon like honestly kms but also yay exciting.. i know yall r super hyped for my return so I'm gonnd feed yall YET ANOTHER quote since I just adore u guys soooo much! okay love u see u guys in a few months <3
iloveme 4 mois, 2 semaines avant
hi babies so since i know thousands of people read these and look forward to them every day (more like every month since I never come back here enough) I'm BACK with another update since I know yall love and miss me sooo much! ya girl finished her college apps and now I'm living life like a billionaire (not really) and I'm just going day by day! I'm gonna give yall some new quotes since I've been listening to some AMAZING songs lately soooo make sure yall do em! kk byeeee love u <3
iloveme 5 mois, 1 semaine avant
hey yall back with another update bc I know yall missed me so basically life has been CRAY with college apps and everything else but yalllll I'm back to give u more things to type because I know yall love me typing up my little song lyrics kk byeee see ya in a few months -3-
iloveme 7 mois avant
hey guys so little update i know my quotes are always eating and they're a bit too good for u freaks to handle but yall just wait ill b here updating my quotes for u babies love ya xoxo <3
iloveme 8 mois avant
My tip to improve your typing speed is to... be beautiful.
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