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Curtis Baldwin
I find that complimenting yourself in the mirror has similar effects.

Meg Bashwiner
I have to agree with this guy, bananas are awesome

My Best game!

Mark Cavin
what is bro yapping about

I think it's because of the Mercator Projection of maps. Basically, if you want to …



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[Pending] Michael Moorcock - Elric's Three Lies
And now, Elric had told three lies. The first concerned his cousin Yyrkoon. The second concerned the Black Sword. The third concerned Cymoril. And upon those three lies was Elric's destiny to be built, for it is only about things which concern us most profoundly that we lie clearly and with profound conviction.

[Pending] Buzzing_Bees - Random things that come into my mind
I am in class right now, it's really boring since we are just reading something on our Chromebooks. ANYWAYS, I am so ready for this weekend. I wonder what I am going to do at home... Possibly watch a TV show, but which one...

[Pending] Anonymous - Just another story
A man gleefully sprints along the sidewalk. However, his run was halted by the sound of a sudden crash into a piece of metal. As he fell, he reminisced about the chronological order of his life, only for that thought to abruptly end when his head slammed into the ground. The man got up, and ran away in post-haste. "What doth occur to produce such a sound?" asked one spectator. Another spectator examined the dented metal near their heads. The spectator said in response: "A man walked into a bar."

[Pending] John Archibald Wheeler - Space-time relation
American physicist John Archibald Wheeler once described how to think about it with a simple sentence: "Space-time tells matter how to move; matter tells space-time how to curve."

[Pending] Dean Winchester - Dean Winchester
C'mon, we hunt monsters! What the hell? I mean, normal people, they see a monster they run. But not us, no no no, we... we search out things that want to kill us! Yeah, huh? Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people!

[Pending] PhantomInsomnia
When I tell someone I like a character, they often think that means I like them romantically, but no, I don't. When I say I like a character, I mean that I like them because of how they act, or behave, or by who they are. I like the character's character.

[Pending] WRENCH! - Pouring gasoline on a gasoline fire as gasoline is being poured on it.
"'This is a quote is short so that you can take a break from all the longer quotes.' These kinds of quotes suck and are unoriginal and decrease my typing speed because I suck." These kinds of quotes are unoriginal. There are already many quotes talking about how those kinds of quotes are unoriginal. Just make something of value for the love of god.

[Pending] Anonymous - My favorite mistake
I pray for your brother, I pray for your mom, I pray for the person you've become. And when I hand the prayers over to God, I say, "make sure these get there safely, but please, don't say who they are from."

[Pending] Cayce Dy
Focusing on your goal requires clear definition, prioritization, and commitment. Start by specifying your goal and breaking it into manageable steps with measurable progress markers. Allocate time, eliminate distractions, and manage your schedule effectively. Maintain motivation by reminding yourself of the benefits and staying committed, even in the face of setbacks.

[Pending] Motionless in White - Immaculate Misconception
All I want is to reach someone. To say something that could change their life forever. To let them know they're not alone. So many people want to see me fail. So clever, but I'll spit in your face. I'll make sure you remember me.

[Pending] John Mayer - Stop This Train
Don't stop this train. Don't for a minute change the place you're in. And don't think I couldn't ever understand. I tried my hand. John, honestly we'll never stop this train.

[Pending] me (noxida) - Be Yourself
People set expectations for themselves that they force themselves to follow. They force themselves to follow others like a pack of sheep. Being popular is not a requirement, but being intelligent is something that is valued, and intelligence makes you your own leader, if you think of yourself as the leader, you will be yourself, and being yourself will bring your own joy and value. Life wasn't created to live up to expectations. Life was made so you can have your own story, be you, and live you.

[Pending] Imagine Dragons - Lighting Before the Thunder
Just a young man, with a quick fuse. I was uptight, wanna let loose. I was dreaming of bigger things and wanna leave my own life behind. Not a "yes sir," not a follower. Fit the box, fit the mold, have a seat in the foyer, take a number. I was lightning before the thunder.

[Pending] Mehenika
I don't wanna depress myself, but I know for a fact that there's absolutely no one in this world who knows what I'm going through. Everyone wants to help and say that, "I am there for you." Well, yes, they are. They can help me financially or however, but what about my soul? What about the pain I'm bearing in my heart?

[Pending] lehcarn64 - Remember Me
I heard the other day that you will be completely forgotten in only three generations. What can I do to leave a record of myself that is more than my name eroding from stone in a cemetery? How can I create something more enduring than writing "I was here" on a wall? I think it's already too late for me to hold a world record at the olympics or establish democracy and independence from the British. All I can do is try to remember my grandmother until I'm gone too.

[Pending] The daily Star - The message that US visa restrictions convey
The announcement by the US Department of State that it is taking steps to impose visa restrictions on Bangladeshis is not surprising, considering that the US's intentions to do so had been expressed several months ago. But now it seems quite definite that these restrictions would be implemented, although the State Department has not revealed the names of the individuals restricted. Its spokesperson has said that they include members of law enforcement, the ruling party and the political oppositi.

[Pending] Mehenika - My thoughts
I've never tried to speed up my typing except for some occasional time when I took random typing tests. I knew that I was very slow at this and the thought of that made me more scared. Also, most of the typing test websites have the same text to practice with which is not very helpful. I am grateful to find this website since it never repeats quotes. This is actually the longest time I have been practicing speed typing.

[Pending] WRENCH! - Confused
I had this account for a few months and wrote a fair share of quotes on this site. Looking at my approved and rated quotes, I noticed something; some people just rate but don't type. Do some of yall just go in this site to read? Do some of yall just not type on a typing website?

[Pending] Mitchell Hurwitz, James Vallely, Abraham Higginbotham - The Zero Hour - Gob Bluth
The zero hour, Michael. It's the end of the line. I'm the first born. Sick of playing second fiddle. Always third in line for everything. Tired of finishing fourth. Being the fifth wheel. There are six things I'm mad about, and I'm taking over.

[Pending] Jeff Lindsay - Double Dexter
I mean, here I was, with a relentless invisible enemy laying siege to Castle Dexter, and instead of sharpening my sword and piling boulders on the battlements I was playing with my face in the hopes of getting Rita to make me a decent last meal.