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The speed is expressed in WPM (Words Per Minute).
The accuracy indicates how precise you are during the typing test. 100% means 0 errors.


kheng 1 week, 2 days ago
Keep going! You can do it! Take your time.
harshashettigar 2 weeks ago
@Kheng I have been trying to increase my typing speed for the past 1 year. Actually, I started touch typing from past one year. I feel there is improvement in my typing speed but I am unable to reach the 60 WPM consistently.
kheng 2 weeks, 1 day ago
You can have me as your rivalry as I used to have your current WPM.
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I have given up on typing from past 10 years, but from past year I have decided that I will reach the typing speed of at least 60 WPM. And I am practicing it from past one year. I have tried multiple portal to practice my typing skill. Now I am here which I am thing will improve my typing speed. and this will only time will
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