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I tried to write a short quote, with a lot of short words, that would be easy for all to type. I hope I was able to do this for you to help raise your word per minute score. If not, at least I tried.

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user931959 4 mois avant
Weirdly shorter words trip me up more than long words and my wpm actually gets lower but appreciate the thought.
marchtoglory 8 mois, 1 semaine avant
It actually did help, though even with harder quotes my accuracy and speed seems to vary to a great degree to the point where I'd sometimes get better scores on more complicated quotes than this, so I guess I just have skill issues.
pbs888 1 année, 8 mois avant
As another quote mentioned, if you say your quote is easy then I will definitely get in my head and screw it up.
luciuszaros 2 années, 6 mois avant
That's a nice thought, I suppose. I must say however, that actual interesting quotes are much more fun than these 'easy ones' that only exist for the wpm count.

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