Answer to r/AskReddit: What is your weirdest dream/nightmare? (Adapted for Keyhero) - u/RN118532

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I remember a dream in which I infiltrated a villain meeting. It was in the style of My Hero Academia, so subtitles appeared each time a character was introduced summarizing their powers. When it was time, an old woman, holding a toilet under her arm entered the room. Her subtitle: "Toilet Queen: She Has A Toilet." For some reason the other villains, who had long descriptions of their powers, were terrified of her. Her power was that she had a toilet and everyone freaked out.

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user85577 3 années, 4 mois avant
Weirdest quote ever.
gmin 5 années, 1 mois avant
Typo edit is pending
weesin 5 années, 1 mois avant
You have typed 'introducd' instead of 'introduced'

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