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This thing uses energy so it is doomed to fail. I am very smart!

Why full stop at ladt

Kevin Flynn
Unrelated but this is the quote I've gotten the most, as of typing this I've …

Henry Rollins
You. Yes, you. Go get some sleep.

Jessica Nite
Bro, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a break every once in a while. If your wrist …


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Anonymous Love
This quote is for the girl that I fell in love with in school. We never talked. Now I'm 40 years old and a father of two. I wonder what she is doing now. What would we do if we met again?

Good guy - Sad typist
I will be very happy to find that a quote written by me comes back to me for me to type. I wonder when that will happen. I don't know what algorithm this website uses to cycle quotes. If there is an expiry date for quotes. There are millions of quotes on this website. If quotes cycle one after another, then I guess, I'll never be able to type my own quote. Sad.