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Carl Bernstein
Epstein Island ensured that those government officials would dude EXACTLY what the true powers in …

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we doo

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That other person wasn't the only one looking the wrong places...

Anything that tries to be a meta-quote takes me off-track, especially ones like this. Don't …

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And this is what Germans grow up reading. No wonder the average Kraut is messed …


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Ducky - Use this Site to Improve
I've seen many quotes on Key Hero about seeking out short quotes, avoiding the long ones. On the flip side, I've seen those saying that persevering through the long quotes is what will help you improve. I am here to tell you that they are right. While it's nice to catch a little break every now and then, challenging yourself is what will increase your accuracy and WPM. Ours is a digital age, and being able to type quickly and efficiently is a skill with ever-increasing importance and usefulness.

Attack on Titan - Erwin's Final Discussion with Levi (English Dub) P2
I thought that death would've been easier. But then I - I think of the questions I needed answered. They're what I live for! And now those answers are no more than a coward's leap away. I'm so close. Can you see them too? Our comrades. They're all standing around us. They've been watching us all this time. They want to know what we did with the sacrifices that they made. What became of the hearts they gave. But that's probably just in my head, right? With no more import than a child's bad dream.

Attack on Titan - Erwin's Final Discussion with Levi (English Dub)
For this to work - to convince these youths to charge toward their deaths - it would take an expert con-man and a whole slew of blatant lies. If I don't lead the Vanguard myself... then none of them will have the courage. Which means I must be the first to charge. And the first to be slain, as well. So, I'll never learn the truth.

Hiroyuki Sawano - So Ist Es Immer
And it's always like that in the evening time; we drink and we sing when our fighting is done. And it's always so; we live under the burnt clouds. Ease our burden, long is the night. Just as no stars can be seen, we all starve for a moonbeam on our town. We must all gather as one; sing with hope and the fear will be gone!

Erwin Smith - Final Speech Excerpt (English Dub)
Would you say that of our slain comrades? What about their lives - were they meaningless? They were not! Their memory serves as an example to us all! The courageous fallen; the anguished fallen! Their lives have meaning because we, the living, refuse to forget them! And as we ride to certain death, we trust our successors to do the same for us. Because my soldiers do not buckle or yield when faced with the cruelty of this world. My soldiers push forward! My soldiers scream out! My soldiers rage!

Ducky - Defenestration(s) of Prague
It's funny, the kind of random information that sticks in our brains. I mean, the only thing I can recall off the top of my head from taking AP European History is the Defenestration of Prague. Well, to be precise, there were three of them. Crazy, huh? Defenestrate is now one of my favorite words. I think it's pretty epic that we have a word for chucking someone out of a window.

Owl City - Plant Life (Text Adaptation)
I saw a ghost on the stairs, and sheets on the tables and chairs. The silverware swam with the sharks in the sink: Even so, I don't know what to think. I've been longing for daisies to push through the floor, and I wish that plant life would grow all around me so I won't feel dead anymore. I saw a bear in the den, readin' my textbooks again. Bats flowed like traffic as they poured from the attic: Heaven knows, I could really use a friend!

Ducky - Take that, Barbie
Typing is something that came easily to me, though I never initially thought that would be the case. As a little kid, I was in awe of my brother's speed as he beat the typing games on my Barbie laptop with ease. When I tried to follow suit, Barbie would end up telling me, "Better luck next time!" It wasn't until I learned the correct way to type in school that it clicked. Now in my final year of High School, I can type an average of 130 WPM with 98% accuracy. Take that, Barbie.