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This is literally a quote from a short story about someone who commits crimes using …

You are the sunlight that rose again in my life. A reincarnation of my childhood …

You've perfectly described the word 'sonder' - the profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including …

Icy L.T.
How can one say "Live, laugh, and love" then immediately follow with "Be different"? That …

bruisedhedonist, periods are supposed to be in quotations.


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Izaro - Path of exile - Labyrinth Intro
You stand before the gates of the Lord's Labyrinth. Within these walls, the Lady of Justice doth preside. She shall weigh your Mind in one hand, your Heart in the other. Should she find you wanting, death shall be your sentence. Should she find you worthy, you will be given the loyalty and love of an empire. The Lord's Labyrinth awaits you. Choose wisely. Strike quickly. Trust completely. And may you find the ending that you deserve.