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This is a really stupid quote, totally useless. I can't believe this was approved.

If a human has the intelligence of a pig or chicken then it is morally …

Prasant Patel
Thanks, I'm trying.

The Beatles
I l ove it.

Robert Jordan
Yeeeah I think an axe dishes out orders of magnitude more damage than it receives …


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Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep
He spends all day thinking about the universe and how big it is. How our star, the sun, is just one of dozen of stars in the galaxy, which is just one of dozens of galaxies in the known universe. All set against handfuls and handfuls of time. If one guy cheats on his wife, what's the big deal? Thinking further down the same line of thought however; if we're so tiny and insignificant, theory will define one person in the entire universe, who cares about you. Why would you want to disappoint them?