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I disagree

se cambia "tantas variedad" por tanta variedad porque debe existir concordancia de número. Se cambia …

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It's true.

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Why doesn't my score count? Is it because it's too high (201wpm)?


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[Pending] Dan Simmons - Martin Silenus in The Fall of Hyperion
This pain has a structure. It has a floor plan. It has designs more intricate than a chambered nautilus, features more baroque than the most buttressed Gothic cathedral. Even as he screams, Silenus studies the structure of this pain. He realizes that it is a poem.

Albert Camus - Meursault execution- The Stranger
As if that blind rage had washed me clean, rid me of hope; for the first time, in that night alive with signs and stars, I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world. Finding it so much like myself, I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate.

Albert Camus - The Stranger
I had lived my life one way and I could just as well have lived it another. I had done this and I hadn't done that. I hadn't done this thing but I had done another. It was as if I had waited all this time for this moment and for the first light of this dawn to be vindicated. Nothing, nothing mattered, and I knew why.

H.P. Lovecraft - Mountains of Madness
Our sensations of tense expectancy as we prepared to round the crest and peer out over an untrodden world can hardly be described on paper; even though we had no cause to think the regions beyond the range essentially different from those already seen and traversed. The touch of evil mystery in these barrier mountains was a highly subtle and attenuated matter not to be explained in literal words.

Trevor - Pangrams
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. Back in June, we delivered oxygen equipment of the same size. A quivering Texas zombie fought republic-linked jewelry.