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Karen Traviss
I totally agree, those players who don't care about the story are those who fail …

Tony Robbins
This doesn't make sense, and is probably misquoted. It should read "if it's the FORMER, …

Charles Darwin
ah, yes, the most famous of Darwin quotes

A Rat
one word: octopi

Foust, Andrew
the way the last sentence is just so easy to type because it's just an …


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Anonymous - A Dreamer
Step out with a singular mind into infinity, trailblaze the nothingness that is eternity. With intrepid determination, and consummate enthusiasm, dreams are made manifest.

Anonymous - Discipline
Discipline isn't a binary, it's a law. Discipline is the guide that leads you from destination to destination. It's your hire from committing to what's right. Discipline is the only friend of the weak and nameless.