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Reel Big Fish
Reel Big Fish is an awesome band, my parents saw them in person and loved …

Geronimous Anonymous
I'll do either way

Colin Robinson- What we do in the shadows
I love what we do in the shadows

Drakie D
I love this song

Spelling Errors
You are completely right, I'm avoiding my math homework right now


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David Goggins - Stay Hard Chronicles - 1
All failure is, is a tool for success. It shows you how to get there, if you're willing to stay in the fight, that's the hard part though. After failure, all these voices in our head start to say "No, we're not good enough." No, we haven't tried enough.

Anonymous - A Dreamer
Step out with a singular mind into infinity, trailblaze the nothingness that is eternity. With intrepid determination, and consummate enthusiasm, dreams are made manifest.

Anonymous - Discipline
Discipline isn't a binary, it's a law. Discipline is the guide that leads you from destination to destination. It's your hire from committing to what's right. Discipline is the only friend of the weak and nameless.