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Why is it that Antarctica is the one continent that nobody can just freely visit? Why is the airspace above and surrounding Antarctica restricted? Why is there such a huge military presence if there isn't anything of interest there? As a military veteran myself, I can assure you, the military would not waste precious time, military personnel, and millions of dollars on a hoax. I'm sure there will be those who laugh at this comment, but for the actual intellects and thinkers, you feel the same.

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essdyn 2 meses, 4 semanas atrás
Laughed at for sure. The military is always wasting time and money. You can't fly over antarctica for most of the year because it is dangerous and a high chance of crashing. Most of the inhabitants of antarctica are scientists
jspang 5 meses atrás
Who told you Antarctica is restricted airspace, or even guarded at all by the military? You can literally just... go. But y'all don't care about facts you just wanna keep spinning "the government is lying to you about Antarctica" to push the single dumbest "theory" the modern world has every come up with.

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