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I usually try not to skip quotes but sometimes when I get too many mistakes …

Gilbert Blythe
Oh man, I love Anne with an E, this quote made me almost cry, which …

Denzel Benitez-Ortega
It's because they are actually preparing you for the workforce

I'm 17 (soon 18), I just like typing for fun, it's satisfying for me to …

Gejutel K. Landegre



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[Pendiente] George Carlin
Did you ever stop to think about all the people we kill? They're always people who tell us to live together in harmony and try to love one another: Jesus, Ghandi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, John Lennon. They all said: 'Try to live together peacefully.' BAM! Right in the f-in head! Apparently we're not ready for that!

[Pendiente] Wonder Girls - Rewind
We forgot about the little things that made us happy. I want to erase the big mistake, before you left me, back when we were happy. Even if I lose myself now, it's okay. Before the ending credit. Let's film this movie from the beginning. End the match, you're enough for me. if we can't laugh, the result is obvious. Edit, edit, edit, back to the first scene. Let it be, no, rewind it. Cut out all the bad things, fill it up somehow. Only you can fill me up, if it can't be beautiful, burn it all up.

Anonymous - The earliest known recorded name
Kushim is supposedly the earliest known recorded name of a person in writing. The name "Kushim" is found on several Uruk period c. 3400-3000 BC clay tablets used to record transactions of barley. It is uncertain if the name refers to an individual, a generic title of an officeholder, or an institution. So despite the many kings or queens that have come and gone, the earliest known recorded name is the one of an average person doing their day job.

Gilbert Blythe - Dear Anne
Dear Anne, since we are parting ways, perhaps forever, I feel I must unburden my heart. You are the fond object of my affection and desire. You, and you alone, are the keeper of the key to my heart. Please, do not be alarmed - I don't expect your favor... but I can't in good conscience, not reveal myself. I'm not engaged, nor will I be - unless it's to you, Anne, my Anne with an E. It always has been, and always will be you. Love Gilbert.

Isaac - Apporval
People like gaining approval on many things. People just like being right and proving others wrong. It's a strange thing humans like. There are so many things that people want to be told "Yeah, you're right" on. People like getting approval.

Why is it that when I poo I pee too but when I pee I don't poop. Biology is beyond my understanding. Like who invented it because I think we lived fine before biology was invented.

George Carlin
Did you ever stop to thnk about all the people we kill? They're always people who tell us to live together in harmony and try to love one another: Jesus, Ghandi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, John Lennon. They all said: 'Try to live together peacefully.' BAM! Right in the f-in head! Aparently we're not ready for that!

The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Lump
Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh, totally motionless except for her heart. Mud flowed up into lump's pajamas, she totally confused all the passing piranhas. She's lump, she's lump, she's in my head. She's lump, she's lump, she's lump, she might be dead. Lump lingered last in line for brains, and the ones she got were sorta rotten and insane.

Prasant Patel - The plateau of progress
I've noticed a pattern that occurs along the learning path of any activity in life. Take typing for example, the progress in initial phases is tremendous. But slowly it starts diminishing and reaches a point where you see little to no improvement whatsoever. We stay in this phase for a while, so much so that most of us think we've hit a threshold and quit. However, if we decide to keep at it not caring much about the progress, we eventually escape the plateau and set a new benchmark.

krisjustkris - Mate of soul
My mate of the soul, I love you. I love you so much. But I don't mean in the way that we love each other right now. I mean romantically. I mean that I want to cuddle you until we fall asleep and share little kisses here and there. I want to take care of you in how you want to be taken cared of, and more. But I know you won't see this. There is no real point to having this quote be written. But I just want a note of my love somewhere, just to give in to my desperate and painful hope.

Anonymous - Daily Journaling
Near the end of March of 2022, I made the decision to write one journal entry every single day for the rest of my life. It's been 20 months since that day, and I have written every single day except for three days on which I got tired and forgot. To this day, I don't know why I do it or even entirely why I started it, but I know one thing, and that's that I still want to do it every day for the rest of my life. Maybe you should too, even if you don't see the point of it.

Solid Snake
A strong man doesn't need to read the future. he makes his wwn. Find something to believe in, and find it for yourself. When you do, pass it on to the future.

[Pendiente] Anonymous - Gabby Barrett Once Said
Gabby Barrett once said "You'll know him when you see him. By the way he looks at me." I was listening to her music the other day and this line was just perfect for what was happening in my life. Earlier that day, I was told I have never seen him look at someone like he looks at you and honestly that line and song summed up how I was feeling.

Agust D - Life Goes On
For some reason, we were made to drift apart from each other. But, let us, us, us, not blame anything. Nothing in the world could ever tear us apart, we said. But, more and more, I become afraid that we may forever grow apart. I'll borrow this music and tell you; People say the world has changed. Thankfully, between you and I, it's still the same. Let's greet each other not with bye but with hello, even if the world does not evolve the way we want. Don't forget the day we'll meet again.

Kobe Bryant - Kobe Bryant class presentation in 1996
My name is Kobe Bryant. I'm 17 years old, and I've been lucky enough to live not only in different parts of the United States but Europe as well. My father played professional basketball; he played for the Philadelphia 76ers, the Houston Rockets, and the San Diego Clippers. He played professional basketball for 8 years, and after his 8th year, he decided it would be best for him to move on and take his talent elsewhere, so we packed our bags and moved to Italy.

USA Ultimate - Spirit of the Game
Spirit of the Game is a set of principles which places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed upon rules, or the basic joy of play.

Isaac - Keyboard cover
The keyboard cover is not a good way to type. It makes people make many mistakes and people no matter what, look at the keyboard when typing. The keyboard cover is the spawn of all evil. Why do people use it to help learn typing.

Kendrick - Goosebumps
Uh i wanna press my like yea i wanna press my. I want a green light i want a green light i wanna press my line yea i wanna take that ride yea i wanna press my line i wont agree like i wanna press my. Momma dearest spare your feelings I'm relivin' moments peelin' more residual i can buy the building burn the building take your brick rebuild the building just to duck some more. And I can justify my love for you.

Red Velvet - Chill Kill
What brings you here all of a sudden? Crash into a world so still, Chill Kill enters like thunder. That thrill be makin' my mind ill. Add sugar to the error, glory to the incomplete, could anything scare me? Always and forever. You're so easy to make mine, hold you whenever, send you wherever, but I wanna see you again. Regretting so badly I could die. Yeah, don't care if it hurts. Perfect soul looks perfect on you, could I make you stay one more time? Hey, don't think about tomorrow.

Madonna Ciccone
No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself. Being able to step outside of yourself in order to help someone else is why we're all here, it's what we should all be doing if we can.