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this sucks. 0/10/ quote.

This is not true, the stars twinkle because of light diffraction in the Earth's atmosphere, …

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this may work for y'all nts but my nd ass does maybe... one of these …



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[Pendiente] Benjamin Shapiro
For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Proud Boys chose that name. They are a neo-fascist group. Why did they take their name from a song from a Broadway musical? Especially one that sounds extra gay.

[Pendiente] edward jeon - baka
sniff* sniff* sniff* you kinda smell. like a Baka Eren Yeager. Edward is a failure for not going to university he is trash for that no one loves him he is doodoo.

[Pendiente] Dan Simmons - Martin Silenus in The Fall of Hyperion
Pain has a structure. It has a floor plan. It has designs more intricate than a chambered nautilus, features more baroque than the most buttressed Gothic cathedral. Even as he screams, Silenus studies the structure of this pain. He realizes that it is a poem.

[Pendiente] i'll never tell - transit
Working in transit has taught me many things, but most importantly that there is an actual need for public transportation for some and for others just the idea that they have a bus route at their fingertips isn't enough for them to consider riding it. Riding the bus can really impact your budget if you are looking to save money but can also really impact the environment if 50 people would take the same vehicle rather than your own cars.

[Pendiente] Acechkl - Forex
In the chaotic world of Forex, more than 90% of people loss money. Some of the retail traders even loss their capital. To survive in the Forex world, you need to be less emotional and more logical. Money management is the first thing you need to learn when you step into it. By learning money management, you will less likely to loss your capital by over leveraging your trades.

[Pendiente] Caroline Forbes
How come the guys I want never want me? I'm inappropriate. I always say the wrong thing. And Elena always says the right thing. Ugh. She doesn't even try. And he just picks her. And she's always the one that everyone picks... for everything. And I try so hard and I'm never the one...

[Pendiente] C.G. Jung - A moment ago...
A moment ago, and we were completely absorbed in the hectic, ephemeral life of the present; then, the next moment, something very remote and strange flashes upon us, which directs our gaze to a different order of things. We turn away from the vast confusion of the present to glimpse the higher continuity of history. Suddenly we remember that on this spot where we now hasten to and fro about our business a similar scene of life and activity prevailed two thousand years ago...

[Pendiente] Yosafat Yeo - Learn to be Grateful
Always be grateful for the things that you have right now. The meaning of contentment and happiness is only revealed through gratitude. There is no point in comparing yourself or your family to others' wealth.

[Pendiente] The Good Place - Michael's Gambit - Eleanor Shellstrop - Season 1 Finale
Holy motherforking shirtballs. Yo, Mikey! Shawn! Come on out! So, Chidi and I are gonna go to the Bad Place. It took me a while to figure it out, but just now as we were all fighting and yelling at each other and each one of us demanding we should go to the Bad Place, I thought to myself, "Man, this is torture." And then it hit me. They're never gonna send a train to take us to the Bad Place. They can't because we're already here. This is the Bad Place.

[Pendiente] Prince Ea - I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury if we continue down this road the results will be lethal. I don't have much faith in school, but I do have faith in people. And if we can customize health care, cars, and Facebook pages, then it is our duty to do the same for education, to upgrade, change, and way with school spirit 'cause that's useless unless we are working to bring the spirit out of each and every other student that should be our task.

[Pendiente] Prince Ea - I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today on trial we have modern day schooling. Glad you could come. Not only does he make fish climb trees, but also makes them climb down and make them do a 10 mile run. Tell me, school, are you proud of the things you've done? Turning millions of people into robots. Do you find that fun?

[Pendiente] Robert J Furey - Kindness
Those who make compassion an essential part of their lives find the joy of life. Kindness deepens the spirit and produces rewards that cannot be completely explained in words. It is an experience more powerful than words. To become acquainted with kindness one must be prepared to learn new things and feel new feelings. Kindness is more than a philosophy of the mind. It is a philosophy of the spirit.

[Pendiente] H.P. Lovecraft - The Terrible Old Man
But when he looked, he did not see what he had expected; for his colleagues were not there at all, but only the Terrible Old Man leaning quietly on his knotted cane and smiling hideously. Mr. Czanek had never before noticed the colour of that man's eyes; now he saw that they were yellow.

[Pendiente] Emeril Lagasse
When I want to kick it up, I like to add hardwood chips or chunks to the grill; it adds bold smoky flavors. The most common woods are hickory and mesquite, but you can find alder, apple, cherry and, my personal favorite, pecan.

[Pendiente] ymeeee - Feelings
I loved you for about less than 7 days. After we shared an intimate moment. You went with him instead and left me to rot while he was taking advantage of you. I always came to your rescue. I am tired. I hate not for once being put first I thought you cared, I thought you were different. But I guess I was wrong.

[Pendiente] Carlitos - Tucker 48
In the late post WW2 40's, someone called Preston Tucker had a dream to create a revolutionary car, so he did. Establishing the company Tucker. The Tucker 48 car faced some problems, but after they were fixed it was a huge success and scared car companies like Ford and GM. And Preston even met Howard Hughes! However, since Ford and GM had a governor that was basically their sugar daddy, they hired lobbyists to lobby the government and force Tucker into shutting down. Only 51 Tuckers were made.

[Pendiente] A High School Student
I do not want to develop a mastery orientation. I am performance oriented because I truly do not want to master the material. I am not in school by choice. I hate school not because it's challenging, but because I oppose the very basis of it. When we acquire knowledge, we lose our innocence. Mankind is separate from the beasts not by good fortune, but by the curse of knowledge. If we could be free, like the creatures of the field, that would be a blessing.

[Pendiente] Delicee - Around the love
Wind and whirl, twist and twirl. Cautious dear, may fall and I fear, that you my love, while spinning around, might get a bruise, or chicken out. Dear god, I do hope, that this child, won't go, crazy and her mind may be hazy, but after all she is just a tot which has a lot of energy, does she not?

[Pendiente] Bobby Sands - Rhythm of Time (Pt. 3)
It smiled in holy innocence before conquistadors of old. So meek, and tame, and unaware of the deathly power of gold. It burst forth through pitiful Paris streets and stormed the old Bastille. And it marched upon the serpent's head, and crushed it 'neath its heel. It died in blood on buffalo plains and starved by moons of rain. Its heart was buried at Wounded Knee, but it will come to rise again.

[Pendiente] Bobby Sands - Rhythm of Time (Pt. 2)
It wept by the waters of Babylon, and when all men were a loss, it screeched in writhing agony as it hung bleeding from the cross. It died in Rome by lion and sword in defiant, cruel array, when the deathly word was Spartacus along the Oppian Way. It marched with Watt the Tyler's poor, and frightened lord and king. And it was emblazoned in their deathly stare, is e'er a living thing?