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As a child, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Back then I always thought it was a farce, just a fake diagnosis to sell amphetamines to children. Now in my twenties I realize just how real it actually is. Focus is a commodity I am quite poor in, and my short term memory is almost non-existent. It affects me in all facets of my life. Maybe I should bend back over for Big Pharma and let them pump me full of drugs to be more functional, but I don't think I will. There has to be another way to manage.

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localbisexual 1 año, 4 meses atrás
as someone who is depressed and adhd: if you have the option to get medicated, then do so. it's not a sign of weakness to need medications, it's not anything that's inherently wrong with you. there are alternative ways to manage, but half of the struggle of adhd is that other people's coping mechanisms don't work with our inherent issues with executive function and dopamine-seeking tendencies. if meds are necessary, and you have the capacity to take them, go for it.

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