Belief - Mehmet Murat Ildan

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What millions believe is often just fairy tales for children. The fabrications of the past are ridiculously accepted as the holies of people! Glory lies in searching the truth not in believing the irrational legends.

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weesin 5 años atrás
You're absolutely right. I posted this in response to the religious Zac Poonen quotes that have been posted lately. For every religious quote there should be a non religious quote to balance it out

Thanks for pointing out the punctuation error. I just copied/pasted the quote and clearly should have edited it more carefully. I'll submit a request for an edit
blaugershnauger 5 años atrás
I would argue, in the interests of fairness, that anti-religious quotes fall under the religious quote umbrella and shouldn't be submitted as quotes. There is also missing punctuation between "children" and "The".

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