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Many people think that the owner of a small business is some rich guy in the back counting money. In fact, they are probably struggling to figure out how they can feed their family and keep the doors open to their dream.

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bcurty32 2 años, 12 meses atrás
Literally no one thinks that small business owners are rich greedy corporate overloads. That is true for most large businesses, but not small ones. Maybe it is different for other people, but I personally know the owners of all the small businesses that I shop at, because I see them working every time I go in.
weiahe 3 años, 9 meses atrás
Has the right idea (tangible success comes after the slow and difficult start), but this is an exaggeration
weesin 4 años, 11 meses atrás
I don't think this is the case - I don't think that people think that owners of small businesses are filthy rich business tycoons that are rolling in the dough. I think it's fairly well understood that small businesses struggle at times just like most of the rest of us - that's why it's crucial that people purchase good at the small mom & pop shops rather than at places like Walmart. Support local businesses everyone!

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