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I walk to school everyday 1 hour late so that Big Tommy can't find me. It was worth dropping my academic grade if that means I don't get roughed up everyday. I told my teacher about the bullying but she laughed at me and commented sarcastically on my complaint. This motivated me to study harder and self study if I have to. I need to be smarter than the bully and my teacher, who is practically a bully herself. One day... I will be the one with the last laugh...

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feapnest 3 años, 8 meses atrás
yes omg very profound im crying
beefybread 3 años, 10 meses atrás
Bruh just equip last laugh on PK if you want to have last laugh stoopid.
divine_. 3 años, 11 meses atrás
bruh wtf is this garbage XDDD
caitlinmarie94 4 años, 4 meses atrás
Lord only knows...
siriuspadfoot2 4 años, 4 meses atrás
How does nonsense like this always end up on this site?

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