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In mere seconds, the Hakkero is ready and Marisa makes the Faster Than Light jump. At Alice's command, the space around the craft begins to blur and distort. It shimmers like a mirage and rushes like a slipstream. The landscape itself begins to liquefy and flow into silky smooth currents. These blend together and suddenly, technicolor light floods into the mixture like cream being poured into dark coffee. The craft enters a strange dimension that glows every color of the rainbow, a stunning seven-hue light show that envelopes the entirety of the domed cockpit. All around the craft, space distorts in layered waves of every colour in the visible spectrum. What Marisa is feeling is completely different from the first jump. For just a few moments, she stops to savour the beauty of this dimension. It blends with the serenity and wholeness of having Reimu back, her emotions mixing in with her vision. Marisa will forever remember the colors of Spectral Space as the colors of love.

In just a few seconds more, Marisa touches an invisible palm reader on the dashboard. It looks as if she is communicating telepathically with the craft. Marisa utters tenderly to the Hakkero: "Enable silent mode and begin preparations for second jump. Alice, I'm leaving the rest to you. Take us to paradise." With this command, Marisa is relieved of her duty, and Alice moves her seat to Reimu's.

The interior lights of the craft dim and then turn off completely. As Reimu watches, every surface in the craft begins to glow a deep and brilliant gold. She does not know that a smile forms on her face, or that a tear rolls down her cheek. She does not know that the same is happening to Future Marisa.

Outside the window, millions of glowing points of light appear within the rainbow jetstream, twinkling like stars and and appearing stationary relative to the Hakkero. Each one is a slightly different size, and together they form a breathtaking web of constellations. Reimu can see vast and endlessly wide fields of shining star systems, infinitely more beautiful than even the darkest Earth night.
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