Scientists and Science Education Reform - James M. Bower

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When surveyed, teachers actually report that they already consider science to be one of the most exciting contemporary fields of study. However, attempts to transfer the excitement of science through lectures never give teachers the opportunity to experience the thrill of doing science themselves. Instead, science is presented as the purview of the elite.

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bvw 5 years, 6 months ago
Worse, science is made process-driven,, ticket-punching, and credentialistic: Diplomas, "Curricilum Vitae" ( a fake latinism confected in 1904), big name schools, number of articles published, etc etc. Paper, paper, paper, pomp, pomp. pomp. Pimping and preening as "experts" like a general of a banana republic whose tiny bosom is beladen with medals, ribbons, bars, etecetra etc and yuch. Who works as a postal cleck anymore?

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