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I've been seeing some quotes on with general information about the typist, like their age and why they type here, in response to some other quote asking about it. I have never seen a quote ask me about my age and why I am here, but it must exist, so I shall answer. I turn 18 in three months and just moved to college for summer class. I am typing here to help pass all my spare time, since I barely leave my dorm and currently have no friends. What about you?

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feuv 6 months, 1 week ago
17, turning 18 in five months. Honestly, whenever I don't have anything else to do (or if I'm procrastinating on school stuff) I just hop on here and type for a few minutes. Typing is just weirdly relaxing to me for some reason, and it's one of the few things which I both enjoy and am decent at, so that's why I spend an unhealthy amount of time here every day o.o

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