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It's funny how perception can affect someone's response to a simple phrase so drastically. Working at a call center I have a tendency to refer to people as sir or ma'am. It's interesting how people respond; some people are so offended while others seem to really appreciate it. It doesn't seem too dependent on age. I've gotten older people who appreciate the formal title, and some fall into the offended camp. Same with younger people as well. Strange world.

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catrice 1 year ago
It depends a lot on gender.
user958697 1 year ago
Keen observation my anonymous friend. What you said is deeply and truly funny. My story is slightly different. I never knew how to address people (what "to refer to them as") because I do not know who they are. For the same reason, whatever I address people as, they are always offended because they are like "shut up you do not know me you little piece of *" And as a result, I never speak at all. When I do refer to people as sir or ma'am, I'd be only mocking and parroting what people do in the movie, in the theatre. Once upon a time, I liked it when people address me as "sir". I am a guy but at that time, I was using a female portrait.
kiriiya 1 year ago
"It's funny, how perception can affect someone's response to a simple phrase so drastically." No, it's funny how you think you've said something deep and/or true.

Would you really expect everyone to respond to something in the exact same way? Really? What a dim perception of the world you must have.

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