I Guess Not. - Gerda Karol Ruiz

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To think, I had thought you loved me. I truly thought you did, but how many times did it take me to realize you in fact did not? How many times did I have to cry only for you to to sleep right next to me as if nothing was happening? How many times must I have begged for an ounce of affection only to receive a brief insincere embrace, as if I was inconveniencing you? How many nights did I stay up waiting for you to come home? For me to think you still loved me all this time. I guess not.

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weesin 5 years, 5 months ago
Wow, what a pathetic quote rife with poor punctuation!

Seriously....why are people so pathetic? Why do people stay in relationships that are shitty? Unfulfilling? Get some balls, retain your dignity and get out rather than begging for scraps like a pathetic dog.

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