Hello again, pt.2 - Jarryd Jackson

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Hello again, I must admit. I've been slacking off. I haven't been as dedicated to my typing. It shows, it shows a lot actually. I believe that typing is like riding a bicycle. If you practice it enough you'll learn muscle memory. The only problem with that is, you must have already learnt those memories in order to recall them. So starting something and putting it off is not the most wisest things to do. Give it your all everyday or go home! (Wait, If you're home you can type).

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weesin 5 years, 7 months ago
This "quote" is terribly written.

The first "sentence" isn't even a sentence...

And you've typed "most wisest"....that's not grammatically correct

Also, in the brackets at the end...the word "if" should not be capitalized

PLEASE people....if you're going to make up your own "quotes", as least take the time to edit them prior to submitting them!!!!!

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