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People in homes who train dogs for the Leader Dogs for the Blind program in Michigan have a 40 percent success rate. Puppies raised by prisoners have a 70 percent success rate. A New York program, Puppies Behind Bars, has been more successful than traditional training. The program had an 87 percent success rate, compared to 50 percent for dogs trained by volunteers in the public.

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weesin 4 years, 12 months ago
Obviously you're free to leave any comment you wish...but you're going to complain about awkward pacing? Really? This is a quote to type, not an oral speech. And I'm not sure why typing '70 percent' annoying...what's the problem? And your suggestion to type 'seventy' instead of '70' is ridiculous because, typically, only numbers less than 10 are written in long form rather in the numerical.

Feel free to let me know if any of my quotes have actual errors in them and I'll thank you for finding them so that I can correct them, but taking issue with the pacing of a quote seems a bit ridiculous for a typing site
liftymclift 4 years, 12 months ago
The sentence has awkward pacing, and I fond typing out "percent" rather than "%" is rather annoying. Either type "seventy percent" or "70%".

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