Ideologies - Hannah Arendt, author of The Origins of Totalitarianism

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For an ideology differs from a simple opinion in that it claims to possess either the key to history, or the solution for all the "riddles of the universe," or the intimate knowledge of the hidden universal laws which are supposed to rule nature and man.

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bvw 2 years, 1 month ago
Claims to own the dictionary are sophomoric. time travel 1914:"A set or system of theories and beliefs held by an individual or group, especially about sociopolitical goals and methods to attain them; in common usage, ideology is such a set of beliefs so strongly held by their adherents as to cause them to ignore evidence against such beliefs, and thus fall into error - in this sense it is viewed as a negative trait; contrasted to pragmatism, and distinct from idealism." -- 1913 Webster's.
The modern internet Merriman Webster clarifies: "Ideology has been in use in English since the end of the 18th century ... The French writer A. L. C. Destutt de Tracy [coined it as] “science of ideas,” and in that sense the word was quickly borrowed into English." Hannah was born a Jew in 1906 Hanover Germany, and died on the Upper West Side in 1975.

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