The Beautiful Woman - Aly Denneane

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She sat at the table in the French restaurant in her best dress. Her silk royal blue dress that lingered to the floor. From across the room, the waiter noticed this beautiful woman talking to herself as if someone was sitting right across from her. "Excuse me miss, if I may be so frank, but who are you speaking to?" The woman then looked at him and smiled. Just then the chef called out to the waiter. "John who were you talking to?" As the waiter turned back around, she was gone...

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bvw 5 years, 5 months ago
My shoelaces linger on the floor too. I bent down to re-tie them and the waiter, bill in hand, thought I has skipped out and stiffed him. He called the Gendarmes and they arrested me. Fortunately they booked my into a holding cell whose other occupant was a beautiful woman in a silk royal blue dress. We lingered there together. But. There wasn't much privacy, I must say. Later in the soiree, I managed to explain in my miserably passable French, what had happened and they good Parisian police officers released me, but when I asked who the woman in the blue dress was, they raised their Gallic eyebrows and looked at me askance and with arms akimbo to boot. "That was no woman!" they said at once. Then I realized: That was no woman, that was my wife! What a night.
tyler 7 years ago
I really like this one

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