Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add a new language?

Follow those instructions.

Are all quotes used in the typing test?

Quotes are marked as pending when they have less than 3 votes. When a quote has enough votes and a score greater than 2.5, it will be used in the typing test. Quotes are picked randomly.

How can I change my user name?

If you have logged in using an external service (Facebook, Google...), you can change your user name up to 20 days after creating your account. Once logged in go to Edit my profile.

What are the punctuation rules?

The tests allow both a single or a double space after punctuation. Regarding quoation marks, we're following the rules describe on

Can I practice on a particular quote?

You can practice on a specific quote. Open the Quotes page from the top menu. Open a quote and then click on the 'Train on this quote' button.

What other typing sites do you recommend?

Do you want your site in here? Contact us.