Will Brown

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I consider myself agnostic. My beliefs lie in a greater force that guides the universe. It may be good, bad, or not even coherent. I just believe that there's something out there. Yet, I still type out the word "God" over and over - just as a Christian is writing out the word "agnostic." So why then is it so hard to hear and understand those words in a greater context? Why must the battle for religion be exactly that: a battle? Why can't we all understand and be happy with each other's beliefs?

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user81230 8 mois, 1 semaine avant
Because objective truth exists. God cannot both exist and not exist at the same time, and if God does(n't) exist, that applies to everyone, regardless of what individuals believe. This is why we debate things out -- truth matters, and we need to get closer to it in order to optimize our lives, even if that means "battling" over different ideas.
jjp 9 mois avant
For fear that our beliefs might be wrong.

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