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This is the thing that runs on free food. This is the thing that sees what you are doing. This is the thing that does what the thing does. This is the thing that will get you that big WPM.

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kaikaikaikaikai 8 années, 4 mois avant
Dat feel when you're past 130 wpm but make 5 mistakes in the last sentence of that easy quote.
this 8 années, 6 mois avant
Down-voted with regret.
malevolarky 9 années, 3 mois avant
Oh, the mixed feelings...
ekangas81 9 années, 4 mois avant
My breakthrough to 130 is this quote. Well, I guess it is good to start somewhere so that I can get a feel of what it is like to type this fast before I can do it with more complicated quotes.
malevolarky 9 années, 5 mois avant
ambaji786 9 années, 7 mois avant
What is that thing?
fornguyennguyen 10 années, 4 mois avant
that IS funny bro

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