What Dreams May Come - Robin Williams

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I'm sorry, babe, but there's some things I have to say. I've only got a few moments left. I'm sorry for all the things I'll never give you. I'll never buy you another meatball sub with extra sauce - that was a big one! I'll never make you smile. I just wanted us to be old together, just two old farts laughing at each other as our bodies fell apart, together at the end by that lake in your painting. That was our Heaven, see? There's lots of things to miss: books, naps, kisses, and fights!

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dmitts1 1 année, 6 mois avant
Loved this movie!!! :)
anshsaini 1 année, 12 mois avant
I came here to type not to cry
divine_. 2 années, 6 mois avant
tf is this quote. this nigga tries being romantic but hes disgusting asf

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