Positive Vibes - Deepak Chopra

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You can't make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.

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sababa_chu 6 mois, 2 semaines avant
Is it good now?
weesin 3 années, 4 mois avant
Actually - it won't take the edit because, after removing the author's name from the body of the quote, the quote no longer contained the required 150 characters. So I've left the author's name in the quote and have included quotation marks around the actual quote
weesin 3 années, 4 mois avant
That's a bit harsh. The quote doesn't need to be removed for this reason - it just needs to be edited. I have submitted a request to remove the author's name from the body of the quote
winchester2 3 années, 4 mois avant
This quote should be removed. Putting Deepak Chopra into the quote is a misquote because he did not say his own name after saying what is quoted.
weesin 3 années, 4 mois avant
this is victim mentality - the same sort of mentality that allows millions of people to collect government funding with nary a sense of guilt

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