The person you always wanted to be - Mother of Dogs

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When I was 22 I thought I was getting old. When I was 28 I thought I was too old to do or wear certain things. I was terrified of entering my 30s because that is the first decade where you are no longer considered a young person. But as soon as I reached them, and for every day after, I have felt relieved, and even proud of my age. "Do not fear time, friends," as David Bowie may or may not have said, "getting older is like watching yourself become the person you always wanted to be."

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kumagai 3 années avant
I can relate to the first part of the quote. Don't understand the last part. 30's suck. And I expect every decade that follows to suck even more.
trollhunter 4 années, 8 mois avant
remove the apostrophe from 30's. It should just be 30s

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