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We are the most powerful military force in the history of man. *Every* fight is our fight. Because what happens over here matters over there. We don't get to "sit one out." Learning to use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between the prospering of your people, and utter destruction. We can't give you freedom, but we *can* give you the know-how on how to acquire it. And *that*, my friends, is worth more than a whole army base of steel. Sure, it matters who's got the biggest stick, bu.

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tami 6 années, 1 mois avant
The stars denote emphasis - it's an outdated way of writing stories on the net. What the heck is wrong with the last sentence, though?
moody_emma 6 années, 6 mois avant
umm whats with the stars and is it a cliff hanger of what cause it just ends.

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