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Some are mean with eyes of green, others are kind and enjoy spending time. They think they rule you and maybe they do. You feed them, you bathe them, and let them walk all over you, really you do. But they are cats and that is their way.

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shara123 3 années, 6 mois avant
This Keyhero typing is so fun
skillsets 6 années, 9 mois avant
Have you even tested this yet? It shows that is hasn't been played.
justin0 6 années, 9 mois avant
skillsets: Looks good to me =)
skillsets 6 années, 9 mois avant
Is this better? I feel like yes, but I will take your opinion.
justin0 6 années, 10 mois avant
As far as I know poems and songs often lack the necessary punctuation to make them into the prose paragraphs. So you'd have to add the missing punctuation, for which you must be good at grammar (I am not an expert at it).

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