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the-moose 2 années, 5 mois avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is to not try to improvise on typing tests. They cause stress and force mistakes that wouldn't have happened when you are stress-free. It is better to work normally and the speed will increase automatically as your brain becomes more familiar with the keyboard layout.
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I peaked QWERTY at 65 wpm and then switched to DVORAK. The first few weeks scared the heck out of me as my typing speed took a nose dive. I was scared and decided to go back to QWERTY; however, after experiencing DVORAK, I felt that the key layout was very bad and that DVORAK was worth it, so I went back. I soon caught up to a reasonable speed to keep working on a day-to-day basis. It took me around a year to catch up to my old speed and accuracy. I now am closer to 90 wpm which was my target when I made the choice to move away. Additionally, I do not find it tiresome on my wrists in comparison to how it used to be when I typed at my then top speed on QWERTY. So, yeah, switch to DVORAK. I use a super cheap wireless keyboard (Logitech MK 250) but may use a mechanical one if I find it cheap.
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Date d'inscription 3 années, 3 mois avant
Clavier / Portable Logitech
Configuration du clavier DVORAK
Utilisation des ordis 8-12 heures / jour
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