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Josep Borrell
This didn't age well.

I mean real tho

Susannah Starr

And remember racking up lines of sherbet and snorting them pretending it was coke? Good …

As a non-American, today I just learned this too



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[Pending] Brandi Dunagan - Life
Forgiveness is for the person forgiving and not the one being forgiven, for if hatred is left to grow it will kill any love. It is like a rose garden, weeds left on their own will not allow a bloom to grow.

[Pending] Susannah Starr - Love
People say they aren't worthy of love simply because they haven't been in love. I'm one of those people. I have said it multiple times and all people have said is "your not" or "dang thats tough" those people are the people who have barely been out of a relationship. No one isn't worthy of love, being human makes you worthy of love. You just haven't found love yet.

[Pending] Sylvester
You make me feel mighty real You make me feel mighty real When we get home darlin' And it's nice and dark And the music's in Vienna Still you're hot and you kiss me back and it Feels real good and I know you love me Like you should Oh you make me feel mighty real You make me feel mighty real.

[Pending] Anonymous - I Love You That's The Issue
You always tell me that I changed, that I am different from when we were just friends. You tell me that I am more sensitive. You say that I take things to personal. You might believe that because I don't care about you anymore. You couldn't be further from the truth. I love you that's the issue.

[Pending] Princess Diana
I'm not a political animal but I think the biggest disease this world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved, and I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give-I'm very happy to do that, and I want to do that.

[Pending] Tirakiss - It's not over until I win
Nobody believes in you, you've lost again and again and again. The lights are cut off, but you're still looking at your dream. Reviewing everything and saying to yourself "It's not over until I win"?

[Pending] Oscar Wild - Elbert Hubbard - Martin Luther King Jr
Oscar Wild - Always forgive your enemies; Nothing annoys them so much. Elbert Hubbard - A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. Martin Luther King Jr - Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

[Pending] I wrote this - vocab lesson
I just realized that typing quotes on here has probably exposed me to some new words and that makes for a great opportunity to learn some vocabulary. Here's a word from the quote I just typed that I didn't know. Opulence, great wealth or luxuriousness.

[Pending] Tim Keller - On God
Only if your god can outrage and challenge you will you know that you worship the real God and not a figment of your imagination. . . . If your god never disagrees with you, you might just be worshiping an idealized version of yourself.

[Pending] The outsider - Granny Rags
Be careful, Corvo. They call her Granny Rags. You wouldn't recognize her real name or even the name of her family, but an Emperor begged for her hand once, and rich young men fought each other for her favor. I watched her consider them all, measure their worth, and find them wanting. Then she made a different choice.

[Pending] edith
Despite being in the triple digits now, she was entirely self-sufficient. She trembled about her house in a daily battle with gravity, drinking Dr. Pepper and chain-smoking cigarettes as if to mock whatever otherworldly force was keeping her alive.

[Pending] Unknown - I'll be Okay
I think if I were to be alone the rest of my life, I'd be alright. Of course, it's not ideal. But at least I wouldn't be in a relationship I wouldn't want. Especially hearing the problems of failed relationships coming from people I know... It's hard for me to believe that love is real, if there's anyone out there who'd choose to love me despite the inevitable. It sounds so foreign to me. I want to experience it. But even if I'm not given the chance, I know I'll be okay.

Anonymous - My Boy
Okay, I refer to my boyfriend as "My Mans." I will go around telling my friends "I miss my mans" or "I'm going to see my mans." Well today someone told me that he wasn't a man. He was a boy. Their reasoning was not his age but the fact that he is not able to yet take care of both me and him. That really got me thinking, he is able to take care of himself pretty well but not me. He might one day, but until that day he will just be, my boy.

Team Starkid - Twisted(excerpt)-Twisted the Musical
What remains of a man when that man is dead and gone? Only memories and stories of his deeds will linger on. But if a man's accomplishments aren't in the tale they tell, are the deeds that go unheralded his legacy as well?... The question then is whether 'tis nobler in the mind to be well-liked but ineffectual, or moral but maligned? I'll never be a hero who all the citizens adore. But if I hide to save my life, what has my life been for?

Stacey Ryan - Dream Boy
You could take me 'round the world to see the sites. And after, we could lay out on the beach, watch the stars at night. And we could go, we could go dancing.. but only if you're the one who's asking. You're perfectly attentive, always make sure I'm alright. But then I realize, its too good to be true...

Stacey Ryan - Dream Boy
You could take me 'round the world to see the sites. And after, we could lay out on the beach, watch the stars at night. And we could go, we could go dancing.. but only if you're the one who's asking. You're perfectly attentive, always make sure I'm alright. But then I realize, its too good to be true...

Agust D - Polar Night
While some shout out about all kinds of justice with their tongue covered in blood, others silently laugh at them. In the era of everyone having something to say, keeping your opinions to yourself makes you a bystander, and people dare to point their fingers at you. I beg you, face this uncomfortable, good intention. The noise created by yellow journalism. The choice made in someone's favor. What is the point in fighting amongst ourselves? I tell you, our spearheads should be directed upwards.

Lenorite - Productivity is a process. See the process as a state.
A lot of us (well, at least the quote authors,) seem to want to type faster to improve our productivity. When I type, I do it to establish myself as a productive person. A person who gets up, gets after it, and types out that whatever. Be it work or practice, there seems to be more gain if I spend less time on my phone, and more time on my laptop. I would see me self as less depressed, spending more time in my chair, and less time in bed This quote was written on my phone, unfortunately.

julie london - i'm glad there is you
In this world of ordinary people, extraordinary people, I'm glad there is you. In this world of overrated pleasures and underrated treasures, I'm glad there is you. I live to love, I love to live with you beside me. This world, so new... I muddle through with you to guide me.

Serin01 - It Does Get Better
I know many younger people use this site to pass the time and improve their typing. So to you lot, I just want to say that if you are dealing with depression or feeling like this is as good as it gets, well, I am living proof that it does get better. I have dealt with depression since I was a young teen, and I am now in my early 30's. Your brain is lying to you, it will get better, you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. We can do this!