Emma Smith

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You say I can't expel the fetus from my body because it is a human life. I am required to feed it through the placenta. If I do not consume enough calcium, it will take calcium from my bones. Yet there are many in need who have already been born, and you say you have no obligation toward them. I must feed this unborn life with my body, and you will not feed the hungry with your wallet?

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localbisexual 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
did you know that we need permission from people before they die to use their organs post-mortem even if their organs would save multiple lives? because of this fun little thing called ~consent~. If someone capable of pregnancy does not consent to the clump of cells that's leeching off of its nutrients, then it shouldn't be there :) simple as that. in what world do we live in that corpses have more rights than living pregnant people
ibnadam 4 meses, 2 semanas atrás
Such people want to have free sex but don't want to bear the consequences of their actions.
catrice 4 meses, 4 semanas atrás
Not all women are able to use birth control.

Birth control isn't 100% effective.

Not all pregnancies are the result of consensual sex.

100% of pregnancies are caused by males.
user485529 4 meses, 4 semanas atrás
Hey Emma! If you know what birth control is! I think you do then you wouldn't have to worry about feeding it would you? Just remember we as women have an obligation to take responsibility for our bodies, and just go and kill a life just because you didn't do something to make sure you didn't get pregnant. Think about that the next time you have sex and don't use birth control.

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