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We need to find the cure for aging. It has been said that humans live long enough and that there is no need to extend the human lifespan, and that may be true. But dogs live such short lives. Why do they have to go so soon?

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doughth 10 meses, 2 semanas atrás
Not aging would be a dream even if you had to die at the same. A lot of suffering at the end of life, (or throughout it), is the physicality of it, not just the thought of dying. You can't do hardly anything, meet anyone, keep anyone, and often times have lost your mind to have done those things anyway.
wogishpfinjgris 1 año atrás
Death is true peace. You'd want that for anything that you love.
catrice 2 años atrás
Death already exists, no need to invent it.
bcurty32 2 años atrás
I think we should find a way to end the suffering of the living. Currently an eternal life would be hell for most.
kiriiya 2 años, 3 meses atrás
Sooner or later they go, and it feels like shit regardless of when they do.

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